Quality Product Lines Available

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ANCHOR: Needles; disposable and reusable

CAT PAW RETRACTOR: Small hand retractor for use in carpal tunnel surgery. More details…

COAG: Coagulation forceps: 5” or 7” Bayonet style monopolar & bipolar (BOVIE) & made to order specialty items

CUDA: Fiberoptic headlights and accessories

ENDOPLUS: Laparoscopic instruments with flush ports; custom lengths & custom designs

GENERAL HOSPITAL SUPPLY: Tray liners and corner protectors

ETCH-MAKER: Marker and accessories

GEORGE TIEMANN: Ortho instruments

GOMCO: Circumcision clamp; all sizes and parts

GRAHAM FIELD: Stainless steel med cups, emesis basins, solution bowls, Goldnamer ear basin, etc.

GREENWALD: Urological cutting loops and accessories, electrodes (Olympus, Storz and ACMI equivalent)

GRIESHABER: Specializing in retractors and vag specs; i.e. Balfour abdominal retr, DeVilbiss vag specs

GSOURCE: Ortho instruments, K-Medic equivalent

HEALTHMARK: Sterilization, decontamination, storage and security products

JARIT: Surgical, cardiovascular, eye, microneurological, orthopedic and laparoscopic instrumentation: SUPERCUT and Tungsten Carbide needleholders and scissors

KEY: Suture boots vascular ties (vessi loops), tip guards and marking tape

LAWTON: surgical instruments

LUXTEC: Headlight systems; Xenon and Halogen

MARINA: Lletz procedure and Zeppelin (Z-Clamps) instruments; Disposable and reusable OB/GYN specialty instr., Mogen circ. Clamps and Bookwalter Retractors

MEDICAL STERILE PRODUCTS: Specialty blades (Beaver equivalent)

MEDICON: Surgical instruments; General, Ortho, Plastics, Neuro

MEDIN: Containers (like Genesis), trays, silicone mats, instrument racks and accessories

MICRINS: Micro-Surgical instruments and S&T products

MILTEX: Surgical & plastic surgery instruments and dental; Storz equivalent; Tungsten Carb needle holders and scissors

OLSEN: Electro-surgical bipolar/monopolar instrumentation

PADGETT: Plastic surgery instruments

POLARWARE: Stainless steel med cups, emesis basins, graduates, and solution bowls

POPPER & SONS: Biopsy, anesthesia, cardio & hypo needles (BD equivalent)

PREMIER: Stainless steel trach tubes; OB/GYN, and Dental

REDMOND / R&B: Neuro/spinal instruments

REUSABLE BAYONET CAUTERY FORCEPS: Identical to Cameron Miller Bayonet Cautery Forceps, 7 – or 5 – inch with 10′ cord & plug.
More details…

RUSCH-PORGES: Catheters, esophageal bougies, dormia stone baskets, urological and anesthesia products and prostatectomy clamps

SKLAR: Surgical instruments, including left-handed needle holders

SONTEC: Titanium and cardio instruments

S&T: Micro-surgical instruments

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STERION/STERIS: Sterilization container systems and accessories

STILLE: Micro-surgical instruments

TYCOS: Blood pressure equipment

REPAIRS: Laparoscopic, general, cardiovascular, etc.

SPECIALTY INSTRUMENTS: For those instruments you are unable to find or are discontinued, we have customized instrument manufacturers in Europe and the US to help meet those needs.